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Lola Ravid is a former pediatric nurse who is passionate about education and research. In 2009, Lola graduated from Mount St. Mary's College with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. She has had over ten years of combined experience working with children in hospitals and public school settings. She writes engaging health content to educate and encourage lifelong learning. Lola's extensive experiences as a nurse, mother, traveler, and child advocate inspire her to complete each project with a relatable, evidence-based approach, and a touch of perspective.

Lola is an accredited leader for La Leche League International. She is a member of the La Leche League Today Review Team. Lola is a polyglot, philomath, and self-proclaimed historian. .

Nomadic Pluma is a mix of travel, health, education, and quirkiness.

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"Lola is knowledgeable on a range of health-related topics and inclusive language best practices. After working with her for over a year, I would recommend her as a thoughtful and reliable medical reviewer."

—Samantha Kostaras, Senior Editor at Pillar4 Media

— Veronica Levinsky, Head of Marketing at Copyfolio

"Lola Ravid is an insightful writer whose professional and personal background allows her to speak authoritatively on a variety of healthcare topics. She is enthusiastic, responsive to feedback, and gets the job done."

Claudia Boyd-Barrett, Senior Reporter at California Health Report

"Lola Ravid has been a Contributing Writer to the Boundless Brilliance blog, providing engaging articles and interviews that relate to the field of STEM, youth education, and child health. With her background as a pediatric nurse and experience as a mother, Lola has been able to convey the information in a conversational, professional, and nurturing manner that our audiences can connect with. It has been a pleasure to work with her, as she has a great communication style, is very responsive, and works in a fast and efficient manner."

Cherise Charleswell, MPH, Executive Director at Boundless Brilliance

"I write to discover what I know."

--Flannery O'Connor